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Hi! Welcome to my background sets.
The Sitting Angel background set was made with one of the Angel Gifs off of my site. The Lady Wolf set was made with an image I received from a friend. If you recognize the artist please let me know.
I have several sets using Jonathan Earl Boswer pieces.
I have also started using tubes I have found on the web to make backgrounds with.
If you wish to use any of these sets please save them to your own server. You can save them by right clicking and save image as....
I personally save all of my graphics and html files on floppies so I always have a backup copy just in case.
I hope you enjoy these and there will be more to come!
All the backgrounds, buttons, and bars were created with Paint Shop Pro.
I also have some backgrounds on pages that aren't on the list below. I am working on getting all of them on the list below and available for full download.
If you have and comments or suggestions feel free to email me.
May Love and Peace be in you heart and in your life.


Artwork by Don Maitz Artwork by Jonathon Earl Bowser
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